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VedicShaktis & Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian entity founded by Mrs. Juhee Chauhan and Mr. Pankaj Chadha under the guidance of Hon’ble Sunil Yadav. We are engaged in developing and nurturing human consciousness to its ultimate capacity, that is Super consciousness. Through our unique methods, which are revealed by Adi Guru Sadashiv in scriptures, we are exploring and nurturing unbelievable miraculous abilities in children and adults.


We believe that every individual has some unique abilities, waiting to be awakened and striving to reach out to help mankind. If we work on the consciousness of an individual through Yog, Meditation then his/her life and lives around will be peaceful and even mystical. We affirm through Yog, Meditation, our home, society, state, nation and world will become mystically peaceful and beautiful.


To Build Conscious Society with Mystical & Blissful Life


Nurturing Human Consciousness to Super Consciousness


Authenticity is the key to success

Vedicshaktis has started an era of mystical powers like body scanning, remote visions, spoon bending, book flipping.

Vedicshaktis believe that spirituality is all about scientific experiments, hence organises tours to explore the truth.

Life can only be beautiful for a person who has kala (skills) but how many can it be learned in one life time ?