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VedicShaktis & Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian entity founded by Mrs. Juhee Chauhan and Mr. Pankaj Chadha under the guidance of Hon’ble Sunil Yadav. 

We are engaged in developing and nurturing human consciousness to its ultimate capacity, that is Super consciousness. Through our unique methods, which are revealed by Adi Guru Sadashiv in scriptures, we are exploring and nurturing unbelievable miraculous abilities in children and adults.

Vedicshaktis Powers

Vedicshaktis has started an era of mystical powers like body scanning, remote visions, spoon bending, book flipping.

Vedicshaktis Tours

Vedicshaktis believe that spirituality is all about scientific experiments, hence organises tours to explore the truth.

Expression Of Kala

Life can only be beautiful for a person who has kala (skills) but how many can it be learned in one life time ?

Vedicshaktis Competitions

Vedicshaktis organise variety of competitions to provide platform for students and adults to express their unique abilities.

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Decalcification of pineal gland naturally?

Pineal gland can be decalcified naturally by supplying ample amount of oxygen in brain. This can be done by doing some authentic yogasans in a way as explained by siddhas Important ones are shirshasan, mayurasan, chakrasan, bakasan etc. Pranayams also helps a lot and a simple shortcut is initiation which helps in decalcification very quickly.
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Why choose residential camp ?

Vedicshaktis provide an opportunity to live in nature in its unique residential camps. Each camp is different in content and the methodologies are based on ancient knowledge.

All the participants witness transformational changes in their health, confidence, stress level, fears, and anxiety. Generally the camps are applied for all age groups.

Why choose children camp ?

In today’s world most of the students are suffering from stress of studies, competitions, peer pressures, phobias, depression. Moreover their attraction towards electronic gadgets, games, junk food is increasing day by day.

Because of all the above reasons they are lacking in concentration, learning, attentiveness and listening skills. Their brain abilities are reducing because of toxins accumulation and radiations. Their neurons, nerve connection are destroyed and pineal gland activity is also reduced.

So children camp can be a very good option to restore pineal gland activity, detoxify brain and develop brain abilities to an extraordinary level.

Why choose adult camp ?

Most of the adults are facing health issues, stress, over expectations, financial crisis, relationship issues and loneliness. Vedicshaktis camps gives an opportunity to start a new journey, altogether a new life full of energy, creativity, enthusiasm, hope and lots more.

In camps people get methods to develop their brain and body which helps them in fighting back their weaknesses and achieving great results which increases their confidence in their lives, improves their health, relationships & generates new hope of life in them.

Why Choose Family Camp ?

Vedicshaktis family camps are the best combinations of recreation blended with knowledge. It is the place to spend quality time with the family members where each one is contributing for the development of other members.

The practices learnt in the camp can be continued later on also as the family is involved in it. It also gives an opportunity to develop same interest, same goals and same opinion. These types of camps are energy boosters for families.

Founder of Natural Mid Brain Activation, Body Scanning, Remote Vision, Spoon Bending & Book flipping.
Founder of Innovative Study Techniques. Memory, Abacus, Vedic maths trainer, NLP Coach & Winner of Nation Builder Award.
A Rare Gem with more than 2 decades of Experience in Education Industry with Double Master’s Degree under his belt.


Vedicshaktis trainers have unique content with practical applications to deliver in their workshops and seminars. Each trainer is an organisation and epitome of success.

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  • I have got a chance to connect with VedicShaktis in search of yoga, dhyan and spirituality.

    Then mentors of VedicShaktis blessed me with simple and powerful techniques to gain yog, dhyan and spirituality in my life. 

    VedicShaktis methods are perfect way to relax, re-focus and re-energize in our life.

    Kudos to all mentors of VedicShaktis for moulding my life.

    Mr. Mohit Singh
    Mechanical Engineer & Lead Auditor
  • After connecting with VedicShaktis, I feel more connected to Divine energy. Mentors make it so simple by increasing our vibrations to reach our ultimate goal.

    They take us step by step without complicating things. 

    My gratitude to the mentors for all the blessings that you send us…want to remain connected with VedicShaktis always…

    Ms. Sushmita Abbi
    Teacher, Numerologist, Tarot Card Reader, Healer, Switchwords Expert and Angel Card Reader