This is a basic fact that every human is genuinely genius by nature, yes you read it correct “GENIUS BY NATURE”. The human potential energy always keeps on flowing through our energy centers (Chakras) located in our body, like a free flowing river keeps on flowing through the path designated by the nature. Now, if we block the designated path for the river to flow ahead, what will happen? Yes, you are correct at your thinking that if we do so the flowing river will either penetrate in the non-designated area or will not flow ahead and start stinking at one place due to stoppage.

                Similarly if the energy centers of our body are blocked through which our potential energy flows ahead it will create imbalance between our energy centers (Chakras) and will lead only to deceases and unsuccessful life.

                Now the question arises:- how are we blocking our energy centers as we are having good lifestyle and eating healthy food, and if our energy centers are being blocked then how can we clean them to help the potential energy flow freely through them? We generally block our energy centers unknowingly by Fear, Guilt, Shame, Grief, Lies, Illusion and Earthly attachments.

But, despite the blockages the team of “VedikShatis” is striving to provide you and your children an opportunity to unblock all the blockages/patterns of the energy centers (Chakras) and to attract the most awaited and due success for you for life. We can always clean the blockages of the energy centers and make the potential energy flow through all the Chakras by guided Meditations techniques and yoga with the help of “VedikShaktis”.


                Children at Vedikshaktis are trained and guided to do meditation and yoga by which they will keep themselves healthy forever and after being guided by the VedikShaktis Team, children can perform beyond excellence in any walk of the life or any career they choose.

In short, VedikShaktis turns the children into a Super Humans. GIVE IT A TRY….TO BELIEVE.

By Jitendra Yadav

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