If we talk about SIDDHI it is always governed by our mind and that’s why it is always be limited, because mind has limitations. Now, if we talk about SHAKTI it is always driven by the consciousness and it is unlimited (oh….. sorry I used the word unlimited for consciousness but the fact is that it is far beyond that).

                Before getting into the examples of SIDDHI and SHAKTI we must be aware of that in this whole universe each and every thing is energy vibrating at different frequencies because of which their appearances seems to be different, be it a Human, Rock, Tree, Air, Any Technique or anything, now if the frequency of ‘Rock’ starts matching with the frequency of ‘Tree’ the rock will turn into a tree and so on. It means, if we can match the frequency of certain thing which we want or wish to become, we can do so just by matching the level of vibration/frequency through MEDITATION.

Now, lets get into the understanding of SIDDHI and SHAKTI with the help of examples:-

SIDDHI – lets say if we want to learn to ride a Bi-Cycle or say we want our mind to match the frequency of knowledge of riding a Bi-Cycle, then we will start practicing for the same. Eventually we will face some problems but over the period we will learn to ride it and after some time we will become an expert in doing so. It may take two to three months (here we are matching the frequency through mind, hence it will take its due course). Becoming expert after repeated training is SIDDHI.

SHAKTI – After achieving the level of thoughtlessness through meditation we can match any frequency (when I say any frequency, I mean it) within no time, all we have to do is an intense meditation on it and requesting the same from the cosmos. For example :- to learn how to ride a Bi-cycle just meditate intensely on it and request the same from cosmos and the whole technique of riding a Bi-cycle will be downloaded in your mind, that’s it….now you know how to ride a Bi-cycle. This is known as SHAKTI where mind is your most faithful slave and you are completely tuned with the cosmos.       

By Jitendra Yadav        

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