We all know very well that during the state of intoxication, due to anything, be it dancing, singing, laughing, chasing a passion etc we feel extreme happiness and energetic (in reality we are not able to even express our happiness and end up doing some silly things which make people laugh), but do we know as to why this kind of happiness happens? It happens only because in the state of intoxication we are out of our mind or say we have bypassed the mind and the moment we do so we are automatically in-tuned with the universe (the supreme energy) and start basking in the blissful state.

            We should always remember that seriousness is the greatest disease of the soul and playfulness is the greatest health, it is so because when we are serious we are controlled by our mind and when we are playful we have bypassed our mind and that’s why we are enjoying the same.


            Since childhood we are blessed naturally with the power of controlling our mind and using it as a tool, but unfortunately as we grow older we loose the power of controlling our mind  (thanks to the education system we are trapped in) on the contrary we are controlled by our mind and that’s why our mind becomes a dangerous master though it is designed to be a faithful servant.

            Lets take an example, suppose we are sitting in a meeting/conference and suddenly our hands start moving in all directions (as if we are flying the mosquitoes). Now, you will say as to what a foolish thing I am talking about, how can our hands do so, they will only move if we want them to. Exactly, and if our hand will not do the things we want them to do they will become a trouble for us rather than a useful thing. Similarly, if we are sitting in a meeting/conference and suddenly our mind starts moving (thinking) in all directions then what will happen? Yes, you are correct in saying that it will become a trouble for us. Unfortunately, now days we are so familiar with this trouble that we have started thinking that it is the way it is, but that’s not correct our mind will keep on troubling us if we don’t manage to handle it.

            Fortunately, we have the way out to hold the power/command again in our hands and that can only be done through Meditation. Through meditation we can always make our mind work only when we want it to work and by doing so we can very easily switch to any state, be it a Mind or a “No Mind” state. Therefore, we can be in a blissful state whenever we want just by stopping our mind.

By Jitendra Yadav

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