We always say that while doing any work and to get better result out of it we should concentrate on the same, means one work at a time or we can say we should do that given job/work consciously/knowingly. If we do certain thing on daily basis we start doing it unconsciously/unknowingly, for example driving a car, brushing our teeth, wearing our shoes and on the next day if we try to remember as to how did we drive the car, how did we brush our teeth and how did we wear the shoes we will hardly remember because we did all the work unconsciously, believe me the time which passes unconsciously does not count in our lives, unfortunately we are even breathing unconsciously…….huh take a pause and breath consciously…hmm now we took last two breaths consciously that’s great!!! and always remember that “CONSCIOUS IS POWERFUL”….how? check below.

We all know about Alpha, Beta and Gama levels of energy waves and we also know that during these levels of energy waves our mind works exceptionally great, but we do not know that we all go through these levels of energy waves daily in our lives……when?? so the answer is while sleeping and it is also scientifically proven, but we can’t take any advantage out of these levels of energy waves only because we are unconscious at the moment….and remember “CONSCIOUS IS POWERFUL”.


            While we do meditation, over the time we start getting into the Alpha, Beta and Gama levels of energy waves where our mind is capable enough to perform at a level which is over and above the so called normal and that’s why we start feeling bit of heaviness in our mind at the starting of meditation and some people may even feel sleepy.

            The great thing is this that while doing meditation we consciously know that we are entering in a certain level of energy waves and that’s why we hold the power of transforming those energies as per our requirement and that’s the power of Meditation (one can feel the same, if practiced).


            Sitting in a Meditative posture with closed eye is the most powerful method for being conscious, but just being present in what we are doing is also a form of meditation, means we can be in meditation 24X7 just by doing things consciously. For example, while eating just eat, while drinking just drink, while having a cup of tea just feel the taste of it and so on that’s why our ancients always use to say, ‘do not talk while eating’, which simply means ‘be present at what you are doing’.


By Jitendra Yadav

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