Now days majority of the population is facing the problem of health and for getting healthy we start taking medicines which end up in normalizing the effect of certain cause because of which we were feeling unhealthy. If we want to attain a true health we have to work on the cause of the decease rather than minimizing the effect by taking medicines. Now, the question arises how can we work on the cause?? For the answer take an example….hmm…an example of fashion. Now days for looks we use and are fully dependent on the cosmetics because we all want to look good (the same way we all want to be healthy) but by doing so we are only working on the ‘effect’ which is temporary, like if we are carrying paper flowers instead of growing the original flowers. Paper flower can look alike but they can never spread the fragrance, similarly the cosmetics we are using for the looks can only work for a while but can never show the actual grace of the person. So, for being graceful and healthy we should work on the cause which is deep inside our body and can be revealed only through meditation, which demands a bit of practice but will surely grow the actual flowers of grace and extreme health with fragrance.


            Right brain is ‘right’ and left brain is ‘wrong’, I said so because our right brain always helps us to be cheerful by way of arts and other things. It always keeps us away from any kind of logic, which in return gives extreme peace of mind. We all know that our right brain is responsible for handling the left part of the body and vise-versa. That’s why the most important organs of our body are in the left side of our body i.e. Heart, Lung (one), Kidney (one), Liver. As we grow older by the time we tend to become logical and start using the left brain (wrong brain) mostly and start limiting the use of right brain to the minimum. Subsequently, we start falling ill because we are not nourishing our left part (most important part) of our body by limiting the right brain functions.

We should always remember that, “PLAYFULLNESS IS LIFE AND LOGIC IS DEATH”


            Health is happiness and happiness is only driven through your right brain, since it helps connecting to the cosmos and if we are able to connect to the cosmos we can be graceful and healthy forever. So start working on some right brain exercises and start working on causes instead of effects.

By Jitendra Yadav

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  1. You made some good points there. I looked on the net to learn more about the issue and found most people will go along with your views on this site. Helli Connie Justino

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