What is pineal gland?

It is located in the centre of the brain between both the hemispheres and hence often called mid brain. It is king of all the glands and balances functioning of all the glands.

It releases anti-cancerous hormone and prevents us from cancer. It also secrets melatonin a chemical which regulates sleep patterns.It is responsible for intuitive memory,super photographic memory and remote memory.

We can now understand why there are increased cases of diabetes,thyroid, infertility and cancer nowadays.We will discuss in our other article about the factors which increases or decreases pineal gland functioning.

Pineal gland is the necessity of life. So let us know the things that are harmful for pineal gland

1. fluorides sometimes present in toothpaste,some mineral water and white salt.

2. Sulphur present in white sugar.

3. Some hormones that are produced during stress.

4. Negative thoughts and negative words.

5. Any addiction,drug or frequency that increases or reduces brain activity.

6. Radiations that alters brain neurons.

7. Uncertainty,fears and uncontrolled emotions.

8. Disturbed food and sleep cycles.

9. Too much visuals on t.v and mobile.

10. Habits of Gaming etc.

So now u will feel that in today’s life it is impossible to be away with all these things but we have ways to protect,detoxify and energise pineal gland.

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